Lafayette Williamson founder of Esquire Production was inspired to bring dynamic events and shows to the DC, MD and VA area, When he was just 25 years old. At age 30, he began to throw small events which grew over the years. Esquire grew over the next 15years and now is one of the top production companies in the Washington, DC, MD, VA area. Since then, Esquire has expanded to the NY, NJ, and PA areas. His production business has been apart of events streaming from Miami Takeover, Miami Jazz in the Garden, to Hosting Events in Dallas, TX. Lafayette was spotted by a well know promoter named Butchie Farrell of Distinguished Ladies & Gentlemen and Thaddeus Green of Chariots Entertainment. The two talented men helped pave the way for Lafayette. The opportunity to join a group of talented promoters called 'I.C.P.' (Inner City Promoters). This group consist of Dan Alexander (Niamani Production), James (JWC), Eric, Stink, Ronald aka Took of (Strong Minds) Gennard & Wayne of (A Few Good Men), and Curtis Floyed (C, Floyed Production). This group of promoters brought a wide range of dynamic events to the DMV.


Lafayette experienced various roads that taught him the trade of the promotion business. With that being said welcome to Esquire Production webpage and we look forward to bringing you the most talented grown and sexy events to your area.  

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